Happy Happy 6th birthday to Recipe Redux!  In their honor here is a healthy small bite of deliciousness!  Yay!  What is better than chocolate and peanut butter?  Chocolate, peanut butter and my family’s favorite… pretzels.

     Can you say pretzel peanut butter, pretzel peanut butter fast 5 times?  How about after you have eaten one of these and the peanut butter is stuck to the roof of your mouth?   I doubt it… haha!  

     I used my creamy Trader Joe’s organic peanut butter, and the special Man ‘O’ War Pohutukawa honey my son, Steven and his wife Nicole,  brought back from New Zealand for me to make these scrumptious little things, but you can use anything you have.  I also used whole wheat pretzels with sesame seeds for crunch both inside and out. Oh and I can’t forget the dark chocolate, yum.   We now have these in the freezer and have been popping them in our mouths all day, and so will you.

     OMG I had mine with a glass of milk!