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RDN/CDN Madelin Basler, Owner/Founder of Real You NutritionMadeline Basler, MS, RDN, CDN

Madeline Basler has her Masters in Clinical Nutrition from Stony Brook University, is a registered dietitian nutritionist (RDN), and certified dietitian nutritionist (CDN) in Long Island, New York.
She is a qualified professional, a food and nutrition expert, mom, wife, sister, and friend.

She completed her degree in dietetics from Queens College while minoring in journalism, and her dietetic internship was completed at Stony Brook University in the Department of Family Medicine. Her philosophy is to stay authentic and true to ourselves while keeping our body, mind and spirit healthy, so that we can enjoy life to the fullest. She loves to cook for family and friends, eat, chat, and connect with others through healthy food.

Madeline can help you with Real Tips to help you choose, prepare, and eat what your body craves and also to provide the fuel your body needs for all of your passions.

“I provide individualized nutritional counseling, and offer a variety of services including meal makeovers, menu development and analysis, as well as writing and consulting.
Let me help you set realistic goals and put you on the path to a healthy weight, eating healthfully and reducing your risk of chronic disease. I encourage you to browse my site and enjoy my recipes, tips, stories and nutrition facts.”

Madeline Basler

MS, RDN, CDN, Real You Nutrition


“As a chubby child whose nickname was “Big Mad” I have always had to exercise, and watch what I ate. I am thankful now, for that has served my mind and body well. At an early age, I was making grape jelly from our grapevine in our yard and apple pies from the tree in our front yard (when my brothers weren’t throwing them at each other)! My love to please others through food has continued all through my life, and I now have four amazing adult children, a husband, and a great family and friends, who I share my passion for healthy food with! The connection to food and health has always been a priority for me as heart disease and diabetes run in my family, and I now know that food plays an integral part in their prevention. I believe we should not deprive ourselves of what we crave, and all things can be eaten in moderation. I do find, however, that we seem to crave the foods that are good for our bodies the more we eat them.

Family Eating and Sharing FoodMy culinary scholarships, and awards, as well as studying abroad in Italy, have provided me with exceptional educational experiences. My severely allergic children and position as an Outreach Service Coordinator for the Mothers of Asthmatics, have also provided me with great knowledge and understanding in that area.
I feel blessed and honored to be able to help others and share my love and knowledge of health, fitness, cooking, and writing. When I am not in the kitchen you can find me with family or friends, exercising or traveling. I love to connect to others and help them live balanced, peaceful and healthy lives.”

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