I had a challenge this week; make a meal for less than $3 per serving. When I saw six avocados for $6 and a rotisserie chicken for $5, I thought of  a  chicken salad made by a restaurant I worked at where they grill and chop chicken, make a salad and serve it on top of an avocado.  They use mayonnaise and sometimes olive oil,  but never take the avocado out of the shell and mix it into the salad.  I have used  avocado in place of mayo before so why not here? I bought only three avocados, used the celery and red pepper and lemon juice like they do, but added nuts, dill, beans and apple.  The salad filled the six halves of avocado and there was plenty left over to put on a whole wheat ciabatta bread or salad, feeding at least eight people!  Cost per serving, a little over $2.00; not too bad! Chicken  $5, Avocados $3,Cannelini beans $1, Nuts $4,  Red Pepper $1,  Dill $1.50, Apple $.50, Lemon $.50Recipe Card