This months Recipe Redux is all about Earth Day and reducing food waste.  My son Christopher was born on Earth Day, April 22nd, and he is a gift to me and others,  as well as to this earth.  He loves pesto, especially on grilled chicken sandwiches, which I am bringing for his party today. So in honor of Christopher and Earth Day this carrot top lemon pesto utilizes the part of the carrot that most of us throw out!  

      I tasted a version of this  carrot top pesto at the incredible Stone Barns at Blue Hill Farm (where we had the best meal experience of our entire life),  and since realized how we can use most parts of all vegetables instead of throwing them out.  I now saute beet greens along with my spinach and try to eat the peels from vegetables whenever I can, as they are loaded with nutrients. I have even boiled banana skins after learning they are loaded with serotonin, although that was a one time deal!  Another thing I never waste is the rind of my parmesan cheese, which gets put into my soup to enhance the flavor!  I use leftovers quite a bit, tossing quinoa, brown rice, pasta or leftover beans into salads or soups.  Many times I whip up a meal with an array of leftover food from the refrigerator.

     So enjoy this beautiful earth on Earth Day, and this tasty carrot top pesto; thinking about how we all can reduce food waste.  I would love to know what you do with your scraps or leftovers!