I received an entire box of free Toufayan Pita Pockets (http://www.Toufayan.com) to enter into a sponsored recipe contest, and am eligible to win a prize for this recipe!  Although I was not compensated for my time, I was able to eat these delicious Pita Rabbits right in time for Easter!  


     We do love pizza in this house,  and what is better and guiltless than having a veggie pizza, with part-skim mozzarella on whole wheat pita?  This healthier version using organic sprouted whole wheat pita,  provides protein, fiber,  and is low in fat and carbohydrate.   Adding veggies increases the nutrient density. 
     I use my food processor almost every day, and here there was no exception.  I chopped and shredded my veggies in the processor, which took all of five minutes, and then cooked them before mounding them on the pitas.
          After they cook I get to make my Pita Rabbits!  
      I have to say this was one of the few times my pizzas came out crispy and not soggy.  I think its because of toasting them before putting the veggies on,  cooking the veggies which led to less time in the oven, and lastly because of the final broiling step.
     Hippity Hoppity Easter’s on its way 🙂  Even the kiddies can help to decorate these Pita Rabbits!! 


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