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“I am honestly moved every time someone contacts me to thank me for helping them overcome obstacles in their lives. Thank you everyone for the kind words and the inspiring progress you have all made. “

Madeline Basler

Real You Nutrition

Thank You Letters


Debbie S.
5 stars

“I started at “Real You Nutrition” in February, and Ms. Basler literally saved my life. The intake was eye opening and informative, yet not at all overwhelming…”

Jeffrey H.
5 stars

“I wanted to thank you for the wonderful class and let you know that I am still using my book to make good food choices…”

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I’ve had the pleasure of helping many different people transform their lives and overcome their challenges. I am overjoyed every time one of my patients sends me a letter thanking me for helping them.

I want to hear from you! Write a review here to let me know how I’ve helped you in the past.


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About Madeline

Madeline Basler has her Masters in Clinical Nutrition from Stony Brook University, is a registered dietician nutritionist (RDN), and certified dietician nutritionist (CDN) in Long Island, New York.