I received an entire box of free Toufayan Pita Pockets (http://www.Toufayan.com) to enter into a sponsored recipe contest, and am eligible to win a prize for this recipe!  Although I was not compensated for my time, I was able to eat these delicious chicken veggie burgers stuffed inside healthy whole wheat pita pockets!


I usually buy my chicken burgers already made from the butcher,  but I always think I can make a  healthier, tastier version. I wanted to see how they would come out if I added my own vegetables and extra lean chicken chop meat. I  loved the organic sprouted whole wheat pitas I used for my Pita Rabbit,  and had leftover sauteed vegetables so I added those to the burgers.  

I cooked them inside this time instead of outside on the grill.
They were absolutely amazing with avocado, tomato, spinach leaves and some salsa verde;  yummy!



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